OCT Hospital Eye Scan

OCT Hospital Eye Scan

We at McCrystal opticians have now replaced our retinal camera with a hospital grade OCT scanner. This is a machine which uses light waves to take cross sections of the retina to form a 3D image.
The old retinal camera was a great tool but it’s limitation was that we could only look at the surface of the retina. Now with the OCT scanner we have a 3D image of the different layers at the back of the eye. This helps with the diagnosis of common eye diseases such as Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Retinal detachment.

The OCT scanner helps build a much better picture of eye health and we can now compare scans from one year to the next. Consequently we are now able to refer patients before major damage has occurred and this is a huge step forward in our practice.
It is now routinely offered to all adult patients at McCrystal opticians Armagh.

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