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Frames camera system

When you take your glasses off to try on some new styles, chances are you’ll peer into the mirror and all you will see is an unflattering blur. Well no more, as we have a frame camera system. Our skilled optical assistants will help you pick out some frames, advising you on style, fit, and lens compatibility.  We can then use our in built camera system to create a gallery of images as you try on each frame in turn.

Now you can put your old glasses on to study the gallery, zooming in and out to see details or side on views, you are able to compare each frame with ease!!Here at McCrystal Opticians, Armagh we carry a wide range of frames to suit your needs.


Fashionable brands

We have the latest styles, and the most well known and fashionable brands as you can see below.


Sports glasses

The variety of sports in our daily lives requires us to be mindful and specific as to the types of eyewear required for each sport type. We need to be protective towards wind, debris, insects, dust and UV rays – vital for most active outdoor activities. Sport Specific Glasses are the ideal answer.

Running & cycling etc

We tend to use swept back aerodynamic styling and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. The spectacles need to have the capability of interchangeable lenses and be prescription compatible. To avoid fogging up, lots of our sports specific frames feature ventilation systems to make sure you always have the best view of the path ahead. All of our sports eyewear are produced from high impact resistant lenses that meet British Safety Standards, meaning your eyes are given the best level of protection.

Golf and cricket

These sports glasses must be light weight, comfortable and allow for maximum field of view, without interfering with your swing/bat. Interchangeable lenses here are also necessary. The need for high impact polycarbonate again here is obvious as the balls are hard and run at high speed. So that you know exactly where your ball lands, our golf specific frames have special contrast tints that allow the ball to stand out against both the green and the sky, making sure you are always in control of the situation. Many golf glasses are a wrapped style to get the greatest field of vision when teeing off, as well as giving an unparalleled level of protection from sunlight, glare and wind. A secure fit means quality of vision is not disrupted as you drive the ball down the fairway or distracted when lining up the putt.

Water sports

It is important to think of UV protection since an additional 20% of the rays are reflected from the water. Also polarized lenses which are vital to remove the surface glare from the water with a hydrophobic coat (water repellent) are necessary.

Glass lenses

Now you look great with your new frame, lets make sure you get the great clear vision to match. The lenses are the most important part of your glasses.

We have lots of lenses in our Glazing Lab to choose from but we have focused on the most popular ones. Don’t worry if you’re not sure or can’t see what you are looking for as when you visit the practice our knowledgeable staff will help select the right solution for your needs.

Single Vision Lenses These can be described either for long distance or for reading glasses. When you reach your 40’s your vision can start to change, known as Presbyopia or blurred near vision. An eye test is required to determine what spectacles are most suitable.

Bi-focals This lens allows both near vision and distance vision divided with a visible line across the lens. Glass and plastic lenses are available. Also available in a hi-index lens which is a lighter thinner lens recommended for high prescriptions.

Varifocal This lens gives you the benefit of both prescriptions in the one lens. They are becoming increasingly popular due to their gradual change in optical power. There is no ‘jump’ between the distance and reading vision like in the bi-focal. Varifocal gives you a much better middle distance vision. At Mc Crystal Opticians we offer a range of varifocals and at competitive prices. Trained dispensing staff will help and advise you on suitable frame styles for your preferred varifocal type. You will be given a demonstration before you decide and a thorough fitting on collection. Like all glasses people need time to adapt to a new prescription.

Special coatings can be put on all of the above lenses to enhance and improve the vision and appearance of your glasses. We recommend that your glasses have a scratch resistant and an anti glare coating for maximum comfort of vision.


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