Backup pair of

glasses free

Get a backup pair of glasses FREE when you purchase any frame over £69.

You are walking down the beach on vacation and decide you can’t resist the surf so you run and jump into the waves. When you come back up things are blurry. Oh no! You have lost your glasses in the water. You search in vain for them, but no glasses. Well it’s a good thing you brought your back-up pair of glasses…right? What a terrible time to find out that you should have bought a back-up pair.

A back-up pair of glasses serves an invaluable purpose. Accidents happen and children love to grab things that are shiny. Dogs often find them a delicacy and render them beyond repair. And the most vain contact lens wearer needs a pair of back-up glasses.

Term and conditions

  • The free backup pair of glasses is only valid when first frame value is £69 or over.
  • There is no cash alternative.

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