Your eye health is the most important aspect of the care that we can give to you.

That’s why our eye test is a detailed and methodical process carried out by our expert optometrists, designed to ensure that your eyes are in perfect health.

With more than 100 different ways to assess how your eyes are working, our optometrists select the tests most appropriate to you, based on the personal information you have given them.

To help your vision last a lifetime, we provide digital retinal photography at McCrystal Opticians.

Using a fundus camera we are able to take a digital retinal photograph of inside your eyes.

The picture is a detailed image of your retina – the back of your eye – allowing you to see what we see; as well as keeping a permanent photographic reference of your eye health so we can review it again when you come back to see us next time.

This can reveal a lot about your eye sight, your overall well-being, and can even detect underlying health conditions.
That allows McCrystal Opticians to take a detailed picture of the back of your eye.  It helps us to closely monitor your eye health. But digital retinal photography doesn’t just help us spot sight-related problems. It can also highlight a range of other conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, risk of a stroke and symptoms associated with brain tumours.